About Us

Welcome to Dial-Media - the Media Production division of Youth Support Charity.

We are a small but dedicated group producing high quality audio and video at low cost

We produce documentaries and films related mainly to young people and involve youth in the production process whenever possible.

For information on our main documentaries see - Productions

. Our projects include -

We have filmed material for research projects, education videos and historical film and provide a full start to finish - planning, filming, editing, producing of documentary, biographical or special events.

Recent successes have included our award winning short film 'Asylum'  and we have been filming in Afghanistan for the sequel about Afghan children.

Being a small but dedicated group we are able to keep production costs low whilst producing a high quality product.

  • Our work has been shown

    • on BBC (education);

    • Jamaican Television;

    • at International Conferences and Events and in academic circles.

    • One of our advertisements - an anti drug message - won an award in the Caribbean.

  • Our past projects include -

    • A biography of a famous professional - including personal interviews, background research, location filming and full production.

    • Documentary on street youth in Los Angeles

    • Documentary on drug issues in Jamaica.

    • Historical reviews of martial art which involve restoration of archival footage in a variety of formats (film, vhs, photographs, audio tape). These have been used by the BBC in a pre-Olympics 2012 programme, in BBC Martial Arts documentary 'Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting' to name a few.