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Please note that since we are charity based - all proceeds of sales go towards our charity projects. Also we have made a lot of our productions available free of charge through our Youtube channel. Please send donations if you appreciate our free gifts.

  • FIlms
    • Our short films are currently not generally available for purchase - please enquire. if you wish to see them.
    • A Man of the Ways - 2014  Trailer
    • Asylum - 2011  Trailer
    • Generations - 2006   View
    • Not an Easy Road - 2002



  • Video

    Adolescent Health and Welfare

    • Documentary on Teenage pregnancy - International Edition
    • Documentary on teenage pregnancy - Jamaican Edition
    • World Youth Forum 2002 - London view
    • Proceedings of International Conference on Adolescent Health  - Keynote presentations
      • Gail Slap -
      • Victor Strasburger - Obesity, Diet and The Media
      • Karen Hein - Aliens or Allies

    Martial Arts and Zen

    General Interest

    • Rider John Angel - Documentary about young motorcycle racer in his first year - winning championship.

    Documentaries - Personalities - Cohort Studies

    • 'Generations' The Life and Work of Professor Neville Butler and the National Cohort Studies (DVD or VHS 25 mins) �15
    • An Interview with Neville Butler - Audio CD (30mins) �10


Books - and ebooks see our dedicated website

Martial Arts and Zen

Zen Titles


  1. Sword and mind
  2. The flowers of the heart
  3. Judo for life
  4. The soft and the hard
  5. The Stone sermon
  6. Tips and icebergs

All above titles �10 donation each plus p&p

Tapes by Trevor Leggett

(Proceeds to charity)

Martial Arts Videos


Gunji Koizumi Ko-Izumi Little spring- 35 mins - �15 donation plus p&p  ORDER


Go-Shin-Jutsu - with John Cornish - this is available in two parts - Part one

Go-Shin-Jutsu Part One Toshu (against an unarmed attack) �15 donation plus p&p

Go-Shin-Jutsu Part Two Buki (against an armed attack) �15 donation plus p&p

Or purchase both for reduced price of �20 donation plus p&p  ORDER

An Interlude with Richard Bowen - 33 mins - �15 donation plus p&p  ORDER

Teizo Kawamura technique and gokyo - 55 mins - �15 donation plus p&p  ORDER

Len Hunt - Newaza Legend - 36 mins - �15 donation plus p&p  ORDER

Allan Zipeure Judo Man at 90 - 17 mins -  �10 donation ORDER

An Englishwoman in Japan - Sarah Meyer and Ichiro Hatta - Based on letters to Gunji Koizumi - 15 mins - �10 donation plus p&p  ORDER

(Proceeds to charity)        ORDER

Also - Coming soon - Nagenokata; Kime-no-kata