Martial Arts

We have one of the largest collections of Judo archive video and have collaborated with the Kano Society and the Richard Bowen collection at Bath University.

Our material has been used in several BBC TV documentaries and other productions.

We have produced instructional videos in most of the Judo Kata and historical DVDs of famous personalities including Gunji Koizumi and Richard Bowen.

Trevor Leggett


Our latest documentary short film

A Man of the Ways is a centenary Tribute

Leggett 1938to Trevor Leggett. 

Premiere 21st June 2014 at BAFTA.



Martial Arts and Zen

Zen Titles


  1. Sword and mind
  2. The flowers of the heart
  3. Judo for life
  4. The soft and the hard
  5. The Stone sermon
  6. Tips and icebergs

All above titles 10 donation each plus p&p

Tapes by Trevor Leggett

(Proceeds to charity)

Martial Arts Videos


Gunji Koizumi Ko-Izumi Little spring- 35 mins - 15 donation plus p&p  ORDER


Go-Shin-Jutsu - with John Cornish - this is available in two parts - Part one

Go-Shin-Jutsu Part One Toshu (against an unarmed attack) 15 donation plus p&p

Go-Shin-Jutsu Part Two Buki (against an armed attack) 15 donation plus p&p

Or purchase both for reduced price of 20 donation plus p&p  ORDER

An Interlude with Richard Bowen - 33 mins - 15 donation plus p&p  ORDER

Teizo Kawamura technique and gokyo - 55 mins - 15 donation plus p&p  ORDER

Len Hunt - Newaza Legend - 36 mins - 15 donation plus p&p  ORDER

Allan Zipeure Judo Man at 90 - 17 mins -  10 donation ORDER

An Englishwoman in Japan - Sarah Meyer and Ichiro Hatta - Based on letters to Gunji Koizumi - 15 mins - 10 donation plus p&p  ORDER

Budokwai advert 90 secs clip 3 donation  ORDER

(Proceeds to charity)        ORDER

Also - Coming soon - Nagenokata; Kime-no-kata